Author: Duke Machado

Mayra Flores, National Game Changer

In a recent article in Texas Monthly Magazine, “Why Democrats are losing Hispanics,” the writer expresses the many reasons Hispanics are leaving the Democrat Party, joining with Republicans to shake up the norm in South Texas. One individual, a 1st Generation American, college graduate, Respiratory Therapist, mother and political activist, is part of the revolution […]

RNC Partners with Lexit USA Strikeforce to reach Latino Voters

Lexit USA and the volunteer-powered, Lexit USA Strikeforce, are proud to announce our new affiliation with the Republican National Committee’s (RNC), Minority Outreach initiative. Across several key states, the RNC is rolling out efforts to connect with and build relationships with voters.  Lexit USA’s mission is to awaken the Latino community and encourage them to […]

The San Antonio Report – Episode 1 – Patrick Von Dohlen Race for District 9

Guest, Michael Casares, AKA Mister C, joins the program to talk about San Antonio politics. We discuss the Open Biden Border, the flow of illegals into San Antonio, the Marxist take-over of San Antonio, and the fight for District 9. Patrick Von Dohlen, the only Conservative in the fight, is facing an ultra-liberal.

Conservative Latina, Denise Gutierrez-Homer, Best Choice in SAN ANTONIO MAYORAL RACE

San Antonio, TX – The race for Mayor is deep into the campaign, and it appears Liberal Mayor, Ron Nirenberg, is on his way to another term. Faced by returning candidate, former District 6 City Councilman Greg Brockhouse, along with Denise Gutierrez-Homer and a handful of other candidates, Nirenberg must feel in control as a recent poll shows him in […]

David Tristan Interview at Denise Gutierrez-Homer Fundraiser Event

We were in San Antonio at the Denise Gutierrez Homer fundraising event and I ran into David Tristan, city Council Candidate For district for in San Antonio.for district 4 in San Antonio.We interviewed guests upstairs and this is the interview with David. He talks about his support for mayoral candidate Denise Gutierrez Homer, and also […]

Denise Gutierrez-Homer’s in San Antonio Mayoral Debate

San Antonio, TX – In a highly contested race for Mayor of San Antonio, candidates met on stage to showcase their knowledge and expertise, in order to win voters. Many were there to see Greg Brockhouse, a previous City Council member and challenger to Liberal Mayor Ron Nierenberg in the 2019 election. And while Brockhouse […]