Author: Duke Machado

The San Antonio Report – Episode 1 – Patrick Von Dohlen Race for District 9

Guest, Michael Casares, AKA Mister C, joins the program to talk about San Antonio politics. We discuss the Open Biden Border, the flow of illegals into San Antonio, the Marxist take-over of San Antonio, and the fight for District 9. Patrick Von Dohlen, the only Conservative in the fight, is facing an ultra-liberal.

Conservative Latina, Denise Gutierrez-Homer, Best Choice in SAN ANTONIO MAYORAL RACE

San Antonio, TX – The race for Mayor is deep into the campaign, and it appears Liberal Mayor, Ron Nirenberg, is on his way to another term. Faced by returning candidate, former District 6 City Councilman Greg Brockhouse, along with Denise Gutierrez-Homer and a handful of other candidates, Nirenberg must feel in control as a recent poll shows him in […]

David Tristan Interview at Denise Gutierrez-Homer Fundraiser Event

We were in San Antonio at the Denise Gutierrez Homer fundraising event and I ran into David Tristan, city Council Candidate For district for in San Antonio.for district 4 in San Antonio.We interviewed guests upstairs and this is the interview with David. He talks about his support for mayoral candidate Denise Gutierrez Homer, and also […]

Denise Gutierrez-Homer’s in San Antonio Mayoral Debate

San Antonio, TX – In a highly contested race for Mayor of San Antonio, candidates met on stage to showcase their knowledge and expertise, in order to win voters. Many were there to see Greg Brockhouse, a previous City Council member and challenger to Liberal Mayor Ron Nierenberg in the 2019 election. And while Brockhouse […]