Denise Gutierrez-Homer for San Antonio Mayor.


Denise is a Conservative, God-fearing, Pro-Life, Pro 2nd Amendment Candidate who Backs the Blue, is a former Educator and current Businesswoman. “I am not a career politician, I am a Conservative strong businesswoman who will no longer sit back. San Antonio is a city that should never lose its motivation and determination. As citizens, we must expect our city government to fully represent and evaluate the needs throughout our 10 Districts.”  Denise 

Raymond Zavala for San Antonio City Council, District 1


Raymond is a Retired Veteran, defender of the 2nd Amendment, with strong Pro-Life stance, and die-hard commitment to his community. He lives by conservative principles and will vote against liberal policies.

Andrew Vicencio for San Antonio City Council, District 2


Running for City Council District 2. Why? Because I care about my community. I am very concern of the Radical Left wanting to take away our Police Dept. Very Concerned about the wasteful spending the current incumbent has voted on or NOT voted against.

David Tristan for San Antonio City Council, District 4


I’m running for city council district 4 on May 1st. My reputation as a Small Business owners shows I am one of the community. I would appreciate your vote. Contact me directly for questions. Regardless of who you vote for please make you voice heard.

Irina Rudolph for San Antonio City Council, District 6


I am running to make District 6 better for all the residents.

Many small businesses have been devastated and are in pressing need of help to the Covid 19 pandemic.
My husband and I are small business owners, and we understand the hardships that the residents of San Antonio, District 6, are facing.

Property values keep going up, which in turn, have raised property taxes exponentially. I will be fighting for all struggling residents
to be able to afford to stay in their homes where they have created great memories throughout the years.

Patricia Varela for San Antonio City Council, District 7


Patricia Varela is a retired Army Veteran who served in the Iraq war. She received the Meritorious Service Medal and Army Commendation Service Medal.  Prior to her joining the Texas Army National Guard, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology of Organizations and Development at the University of the Incarnate Word, while working full-time as an Associate Scientist. 

Cesario Garcia for San Antonio City Council, District 8


My first call to action Place a hard pause on all non-essential city projects. Excluding repairs to streets and essential earmarked infrastructure spending (accountability).  Second, there needs to be a more comprehensive outreach program. A health and human service check to our seniors and Veterans. Public safety and awareness must be a priority. 

Patrick Von Dohlen for San Antonio City Council, District 9


Hi, my name is Patrick Von Dohlen and I am not a politician. 

I’m running for San Antonio City Council, District 9 to be an advocate for you.

Our lives are affected daily by the people who represent us on City Council. While we work to support our families and make ends meet, they vote on important issues like street repairs, water rates, and public safety.

Jakub Kosiba for NISD Board of Trustees, District 5


I’m Jakub Kosiba candidate for the NISD Board of Trustees. Our educational system is declining, and we need leadership that will put the voices of our educators first again. We need to understand that children, parents, and teachers come before politics.