Conservative Latina, Denise Gutierrez-Homer, Best Choice in SAN ANTONIO MAYORAL RACE

San Antonio, TX – The race for Mayor is deep into the campaign, and it appears Liberal Mayor, Ron Nirenberg, is on his way to another term.

Faced by returning candidate, former District 6 City Councilman Greg Brockhouse, along with Denise Gutierrez-Homer and a handful of other candidates, Nirenberg must feel in control as a recent poll shows him in command, with 56% of the vote, among those polled.

It showed Brockhouse as a distant 2nd place, and Denise, and even further distant 3rd place.  Now, we all know polls, and the purpose they serve.  They are specifically generated to produce a favorable outcome for the one who issued or ordered the poll.  

No Mercy from Liberals

In this highly divisive race, among Republican contenders, a strategy has become evident from the Liberal Media aka Ron Nirenberg’s camp.  They are not going to allow Brockhouse any breathing room regarding his past allegations regarding physical violence with two different wives, at different times in his life.
The San Antonio Express-News article pointing out Brockhouse’s past is damning.  It shows exactly how they will position Brockhouse to the voters.  

We are where we are because of the choices we make.

In a city where Sex Trafficking is on the rise, illegal immigration is rampant, homelessness is out of control, and the city police are on the verge of being defunded, it is obvious, a person with the assault history of Brockhouse is bad for business, and the Liberals know it.

These constantly lingering questions and unresolved allegations are more than likely the reason Brockhouse did not receive endorsements from the San Antonio Police Association or the San Antonio Fire Fighter’s Association, which he sought.
All this said if the voters decide to cast a vote for Brockhouse, and the runoff is between Nirenberg and Brockhouse, Nirenberg wins by a landslide.  They will blast the airwaves with constant ads positioning him as an abusive spouse, drawing light to the expungement, and more.  Conservatives lose.

It’s not too late

On the other hand, Conservatives have a Mayoral candidate, Denise Gutierrez-Homer, who would vote based on Conservative principles, rather than follow the votes of Liberal Mayor Ron Nirenberg, as did Brockhouse, 80% of the time.  
A stark contrast between Nirenberg, Denise Gutierrez-Homer supports the Police, and will ensure proper funding.  She supports the 2nd Amendment, is Pro-Life, and a Constitutionalist.   She will fight to re-open San Antonio businesses and help to solve the homeless problem.  

A former Educator, Denise understands the public school system and will provide conservative leadership to enhance public education for all students, not just a select few, from select schools.  

How will Nirenberg attack a practicing Catholic, businesswoman who fears God, and could make history by being the 1st Latina Mayor of San Antonio?
Will they say she lacks political experience?  Is that a bad thing?  I think not.  The city is screaming for new leadership, and Denise is ready to serve.  
One must consider all these things when deciding on who to vote for in this election.  

The Liberals have given us a glimpse of how they will campaign against Brockhouse, and the results are foreseen.  His background will sink him.
Is it worth the risk to support him?  Or should conservatives back Denise, who does not have the baggage of Brockhouse, and will challenge Nirenberg at every turn? 
Good Character goes a long way, and of the candidates running to unseat Mayor Ron Nirenberg, Denise stands out.  Decision time is only weeks away, and you must decide.  Think about it.

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