Conservative Patrick Von Dohlen VS Progressive Movement

Patrick Von Dohlen, the Lone Conservative to emerge from the recent San Antonio City Elections, faces the Progressive movement.

In recent days, Liberal former candidate for the US Senate in Texas, Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, has come out strong in support of incumbent and fellow Liberal, John Courage.

The city government in San Antonio has been led by Liberals and Progressives for decades. Like most major cities, run by Democrats / Liberals / Socialists, their policies eventually lead to the destruction of a once-proud, patriotic American city.

Today, the San Antonio City Council and Mayor are all Liberals. In this recent election, the Council was able to pass a proposition (Prop A) to give themselves the power to issue bonds for city projects…without voter approval. In most cities, before the Council spends the people’s money on projects, they must secure the funding, and therefore, pass bonds to support the initiative.

But now, San Antonio voters will no longer have a say in what bonds are passed, for pet projects. This means deals are made, and the voter is powerless to stop it.

Patrick Von Dohlen, the Conservative Candidate in District 9, is in a Run-Off against John Courage.

John Courage is backed by Beto O’Rourke. Beto O’Rourke is backed by the DNC. Are you starting to see just how critical this election is?

Patrick Von Dohlen will be the only voice of reason, an important role, especially with recent freedoms given to the council regarding bonds.

He represents a roadblock in their plans. He would be detrimental to their schemes, which is why we must support him. This race will get National attention, and the Liberals can’t allow a Conservative like Von Dohlen, to mess things up.

Here’s a link to his website, where you can learn more about him and Donate to his campaign.

LEXIT USA is Proud to Endorse Patrick is his race for District 9, San Antonio, TX.

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