Our Team

LEXIT Strike Force Team

At LEXIT USA, we are a group of WORKING volunteers, who understand what’s at stake.

From across the country, our volunteers organize and work in campaigns to help Conservatives get into office. Not all of our “Endorsed” Candidates are Latinos, but they all understand the significance of the rising Latino population.

Latinos will be the majority in many parts of the country. We must shift the vote away from Liberals and the Democrat Party now, before it’s too late.

It takes people like you, who care about this country and want to make a difference, to create the surge in Latino Conservatism.

We welcome you to join us TODAY, and help us Awaken the Sleeping Giant!

Duke Machado

National Director

Darlene Brienza

Assistant Director

David Torres

Strike Force Strategist


Home Base

Thomas McGregor – Campaign & Political Advisor

Thomas is a GOP political operative, campaign staff, and currently works in the Office of Councilwoman Mackenzie Kelly in Austin, Texas. He holds education and certifications ranging from (but not limited to) Hillsdale College and Karl Rove. He’s an avid scholar and loves to spend time researching campaign and political theory, along with frequent deep-dives into American history. His blog is https://mcgregordiplomacy.wordpress.com