Denise Gutierrez-Homer’s in San Antonio Mayoral Debate

San Antonio, TX – In a highly contested race for Mayor of San Antonio, candidates met on stage to showcase their knowledge and expertise, in order to win voters.

Many were there to see Greg Brockhouse, a previous City Council member and challenger to Liberal Mayor Ron Nierenberg in the 2019 election. And while Brockhouse stood there, poised, with strong hand gestures and body language, there were others whose time had come to ignite the race.

The only Female, and Latina in the group of candidates, Denise Gutierrez-Homer, showed leadership and poise, with a deep understanding of the issues facing San Antonians.

She answered tough questions about dealing with business shut-downs, power grids, and water supply issues. She responded with passion, addressing each topic raised by the debate moderators.

There were other candidates participating, but essentially, this debate was between Brockhouse and Denise. In the end, Gutierrez-Homer stood out, with concise answers and depth of knowledge. She addressed failures of the current Mayor and City Council, of which, Brockhouse was part of.

For more information about Denise Gutierrez-Homer’s campaign, visit her website.

Watch her Exclusive Interview on LEXIT

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