Duke Machado, LEXIT Strike Force National Director

Duke Machado was born and raised in San Marcos, Texas. He is a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force and served for 6 years working on the Top Secret, Short-Range Attack Missile, as part of the Strategic Air Command.

After his service in the Air Force, Duke entered the Auto Industry and has been in the car business for 25 years. He is an Entrepreneur, and also owns Texas Sunshine Pools, an in-ground pool building company.

Machado began his political activism after Obama was elected. He took the initiative to form and launch a Hispanic Republican Club in McLennan County and helped launch 6 more Hispanic Republican Clubs in other Texas counties, and in 2010, became an Official Auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas.

He has written countless blogs and has published opinions in many local and national newspapers. He also hosts The Duke Machado Show, a podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and has become a strong voice in Texas politics. Duke has been a Delegate to the Texas State Convention 3 times.

Today, Duke serves as the National Director for the LEXIT Strike Force, a conservative Latino-Powered team of volunteer activists.

1 thought on “Duke Machado, LEXIT Strike Force National Director

  1. Irina Rudolph

    Hello Duke Machado,
    I am reaching out to you as THE conservative candidate running for the District 6 City Council seat in San Antonio, TX. I would love the opportunity to discuss with you any endorsements, interviews, and possibility of how we can work together to unseat the incumbent in District 6, Melissa Cabello Havrda. I saw this article in the news and I would greatly love the opportunity to work with your organization to flip District 6 red. (article: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/bryan-preston/2021/03/30/latino-awakening-lexit-and-conservative-leaders-set-sights-on-san-antonio-democrats-n1436241).

    Please contact me at your convenience anytime at 210-273-1698.

    Thank you,

    Irina Rudolph
    Candidate for District 6 City Council
    Mobile: 210-273-1698


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