We are excited to announce the Launch of the Houston ISD School Board Campaign.  LEXIT USA Strikeforce is partnering with the RNC to make calls and block-walk in Houston, TX, for Conservative Candidates in the upcoming School Board Elections.

If you are in Houston and would like to Block Walk, please contact Duke Machado at 254-214-9368 or email at dukemachado@gmail.com.

Phone Banking (Making calls) can be done anywhere.  All you need to do is let us know you want to make calls, and we will set you up with an account and you can begin immediately.

Houston, TX is a Battleground City.  The Democrats have taken over the large metro cities, and we must do what we can to take our cities back!  

If you choose to engage in this campaign, you will be calling Latino Voters, weak Democrats, and Weak Republicans as well as Strong Republicans.  The goal is to increase Latino voter turnout in the upcoming election and sway them to vote for our Candidates.  You will have the opportunity to talk to Latino voters and sell the Conservative vision for Houston.

Block-Walking will also be targeting Latino Voters, many on the fence or leaning Democrats.  We feel this is where we might be able to influence the vote.

Contact us today to get started!  
Duke Machado
LEXIT USA StrikeForce

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