Mayra Flores

Mayra Flores, National Game Changer

In a recent article in Texas Monthly Magazine, “Why Democrats are losing Hispanics,” the writer expresses the many reasons Hispanics are leaving the Democrat Party, joining with Republicans to shake up the norm in South Texas.

One individual, a 1st Generation American, college graduate, Respiratory Therapist, mother and political activist, is part of the revolution taking place in Texas. Her name is Mayra Flores.

A daughter of legal immigrants from Mexico, Mayra grew up working in the fields, along side her family, who endured hard work in the Texas sun. She learned a work ethic which she carries through life.

Always grateful for this nation of ours, with a husband who puts his life on the line every day, as a Border Patrol agent, Mayra was naturally drawn to the Conservative movement. Seeking to engage in her community, she began working with the growing Hidalgo County Republican Party, also connecting with grassroots organizations.

Flores became the Texas Ambassador for LEXIT USA, an organization focused on driving Latinos away from the Democrat Party. Her efforts with LEXIT USA, and her local Party, brought people to know her. They felt her passionate patriotic heart. They knew she was a strong supporter of LIFE, standing strong for the unborn. Mayra spoke up for the 2nd Amendment, having seen firsthand, the violence on the border, and the first-hand experience with illegal immigration in her region.

When Mayra announced she was running for U.S. Congress, it was not unexpected. Her journey led her to this point in time. The message of the Conservatives, of the Republican Party, is one she knows will connect with voters in her district. God, Family, Country, Life, Self-Preservation, economic success, all define Latinos, and Mayra understands the time is now to reach the Latino community and draw these naturally Conservative voters.

For decades, the Democrat Party, used tried and true tactics, promising the moon and delivered nothing. In truth, the Democrats did deliver. They delivered poverty, poor education, depressed neighborhoods, high crime, and hopeless conditions for many who voted for the empty promises.

Today, there IS an awakening taking place, in large part created by President Trump, and the no-nonsense approach to solving problems. He resonated in the Valley, and along the border. He resonated with Latinos, even though the Liberal media would have you believe he was a racist.

People like Mayra Flores were energized and responded to the call to action. Like many Latinos in South Texas, who were fed up with the lies from the Democrat Party, a spark ignited. This led to action, attending rallies, meeting like-minded people, and understanding, they weren’t alone. There were thousands who were also fed up, and were coming out of the woodwork.

It’s no wonder Mayra decided to run for Congress. After seeing the corruption in D.C., watching how the media lies, witnessing the chaos on the Southern Border, one would have to ask, “If not me, then who?”

With a rock-solid support team, thousands of social media followers, connections to grassroots organizations, and love from her local community, she has the foundation for a successful campaign. Oh, and as far as her fundraising efforts, she is doing a phenomenal job, getting donations large and small from her network of supports locally and nationally.

Recently, her campaign launched their first premier Commercial, in the style of Kim Klasik, Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress, which encapsulated her message and appealed to the voters.

In Mayra’s video, she tells the humble story of her beginnings and her immigrant roots. She talks of hard work and the dedication to become the first in her family to go to college. She spoke proudly of Conservative family values. I short, she tells the voters, “stop voting for Democrats, start voting for your values.” She reminds the voters of the broken promises and lies from the Democrats.

We know Mayra Flores absolutely Loves this country. She is passionate about preserving it for her children, giving them a country to prosper, advance, and achieve their unique American Dream. In reality, with a strong voice in Washington D.C., Mayra will influence countless families in her district, across all Party lines. She will lead her district to more economic development, more opportunities for education, and more jobs.

A major industry in the district is Oil and Gas drilling, transport, and production. Democrats despise oil and natural gas. They despise fossil fuels. They would most certainly shut down all oil production if they could. They would pay more for oil from other countries, rather than be energy independent. In their desire to destroy fossil fuels, they also simultaneously destroy jobs. Not just any jobs, but high-paying, oil field jobs.

We must have people like Mayra to represent our state, to fight for these jobs. Let there be no doubt, a Democrat would just go along with the Nancy Pelosi agenda and kill those jobs. They have no choice because they are not held accountable by the people, but rather by a handful of powerful people in Washington.

District 34 can’t afford business as usual. The state of Texas is booming. The time is now.

Bonus: Mayra is Fluent in Spanish, and can get her message directly to the people, without a translator. Mayra would be Univision’s worst nightmare. Here’s her recent commercial in Spanish!

LEXIT USA, is PROUD to ENDORSE Mayra Flores for U.S. Congressional District 34 (TX). As the Texas Ambassador for LEXIT USA, Mayra has been an amazing asset, working with multiple organizations to advance the Conservative message to the Hispanic Community. She is a powerful advocate for Life, Family Values, and the American Dream.

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