LEXIT USA, The Latino Exit from the Democrat Party

Lexit USA and the volunteer-powered, Lexit USA Strikeforce, are proud to announce our new affiliation with the Republican National Committee’s (RNC), Minority Outreach initiative.

Across several key states, the RNC is rolling out efforts to connect with and build relationships with voters.  Lexit USA’s mission is to awaken the Latino community and encourage them to Exit the Democrat Party. 

This new affiliation allows Lexit USA volunteers to make a difference in upcoming elections by focusing our activism and working in unison with the RNC to Keep Texas Red as well as work in other states where the RNC is focusing its efforts. 

The Lexit USA Strikeforce is excited to work with the Texas RNC leadership team, and with this new partnership, our organization will have the right software and resources to power our movement and win elections. 

We look forward to utilizing these incredible resources, giving our volunteers an amazing experience, and the best tools in the market. 

We are grateful for the support of Republican National CommitteeWoman (TX), Toni Anne Dashiell, RNC Texas State Director, Quinton Hitchcock, RNC Hispanic Engagement Director in San Antonio, Natalia Godoy, Texas State Republican Executive Committee member, Devvie Duke, Lexit USA Chairman, Rey Torres, and the countless volunteers who have helped this movement grow.  

Join us, at https://lexitstrikeforce.org/sign-up/

Duke Machado


Lexit USA Strikeforce 


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